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Beef Heart


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100% Australian Beef Heart, simply sliced and dried. This crunchy treat is fantastic for small dogs who need something delicious to snack on, or large dogs who need something crispy and quick to munch on. Beef Heart does not break quite as easily as liver, but it does snap into small pieces making it ideal for use in treat toys, balls and puzzle toys, and is a fantastic alternative to kibble or processed treats in such toys. In most cases, Beef Heart is also good for use as training treats, however some find it 

Organ meat is an incredibly important part of a dog’s diet, as it contains many of the vitamins and minerals that they require to live their healthiest, happiest life. Heart is interesting in the way it is categorized within a dog’s diet, as while most do classify it as organ meat, it borders on the edge of being called muscle meat (like your average steak cuts, or breast fillets). This means that while heart is nutrient dense, it is not as rich as treats like liver and can be fed in larger quantities without concern. Packed with essential B vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin A and other nutrients that are vital to your dog’s health, Beef Heart is a healthy treat that will keep your pooch satisfied. 

So if your pooch needs a change from liver treats, Beef Heart is a fantastic option that is less rich but just as nutrient dense. What are you waiting for? Your dog will love it with all his or her heart. 

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