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Beef Liver


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100% Australian Beef Liver, simply sliced then dried, nothing added. This mouth-watering treat (for our canine friends) is the king of all training treats. Beef liver snaps incredibly easily into small, bite-size pieces, and is also strong smelling, making it a fantastic option for every-day training and for use when out walking. One thing is pretty much guaranteed – this treat will not last your pooch long, no matter their size, age, or jaw-power! Due to the fact that it breaks easily, Beef Liver is also a fantastic option for use when filling kongs, treat toys and puzzle toys, and makes a great alternative to kibble and other processed treats in such toys.

Organ meat is an incredibly important part of a dog’s diet, as it contains many of the vitamins and minerals that they require to live their healthiest, happiest life. Liver is the largest internal organ in mammals, and as such contains many key nutrients for both carnivores and omnivores, who would typically eat the gut of such mammals. While your four legged friend may not scavenge for guts on the daily, his or her ancestors definitely did – domestic dogs and cats require all the same nutrients! Liver in particular is incredibly high in vitamin A, as well as providing a healthy dose of vitamin B, and both omegas 3 and 6 – all essential parts of a balanced diet for your pooch. The B vitamins and folate found in liver work in tandem to support healthy cellular functions, meaning that consuming liver is also fantastic for liver health. It should be noted that while small amounts of liver (and other offal) are healthy for your pet, if fed in large amounts dried liver can be rich.

So for an all purpose training treat that is easily breaking, crunchy, and low cost, liver is a fantastic option – see if your dog is a beef liver lover!

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