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“Silent” Whistle


Black Dog’s Professional Training Whistle Precision manufactured to a traditional design.

This whistle produces a very pure Pitch and is adjustable from 5000Hz through to 12000Hz – Dogs can hear this whistle over an extremely long distance. (up to 3 KM – subject to weather conditions).

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Can be locked to one pitch, or adjusted across the full range.  Nickel Plated Brass – Supplied with Lanyard – this whistle will last a lifetime.

The name “Silent” Whistle is traditional for these types of whistles – the pitch range can be adjusted to just on the fringe of normal human hearing, but a dog’s hearing covers a broader range than humans and so they can easily hear what we find diffucult or imperceptable – it may appear silent to us, but not to a dog.


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2.0000 × 0.5000 × 0.5000 mm


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