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Treat Pouch Sock – Maxi


An insert lining for the Maxi Treat Pouch. This is for the New style Maxi Pouch – narrower and deeper design.

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This snug fitting ning is easily removed for washing, or to store in the refrigerator to kee food treats fresh. The Sock sdes into the ouch and secures at the front and back to fit snugly, allowing one handed oeration of the Maxi Pouch – no more cumbersome lastic bags to deal with.
Treat Pouch Socks are made from a coated material to revent food oils enetrating, so your Treat Pouch remains clean of food residue. A Sock also hels kee the ouch hinges clean and can rolong the fe of the ouch.
This is for the New Style Maxi Treat Pouch – it will not fit the older maxi ouch.nbs;
Black Dognbs;released the new, narrower and deeer Maxi Pouch on 1st Aril 2014.

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Weight 0.1000 g
Dimensions 5.0000 × 4.0000 × 1.0000 mm


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