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About Us

At Barking Good, our goal is to help you have a happy, healthy pet. We believe good nutrition and environment are key to your pet’s longevity and quality of life. In store, you will find a wide variety of biologically appropriate raw food, dehydrated treats, and pet accessories.

Our first priority with every decision we make is what is good for your pet. We are also constantly trying to source products that are beneficial to your pet’s health and wellbeing. We do not stock products that we do not believe in or that we believe are harmful to your pet.

We believe in empowering our pet parents to make the best decision for their cat or dog.  We are not here to judge you or how you care for your pet.  We believe in educating people, not pressuring people.  If you have questions, we are happy to have a chat with you, but we do not try to convince you of anything.

Our Philosophy

Love Science, Trust Nature

We love science and we are always looking at new research that enables us to give sound advice to our customers.  However, when we are making decisions about what products we will stock, and what advice we give, we always ask ourselves what is normal and natural for your pet.  We believe that this is a great way to make good decisions particularly to food, but also to ways of play, exercise and bedding options.

We are based in Melbourne and are happy to receive your call if you have an enquiry. Even better, we’d love to see you in our store.

Our Raw Food

In store, you can find 16 different proteins.

This includes beef, buffalo, chicken, crocodile, duck, emu, goat, kangaroo, lamb, pork, rabbit, sardines, turkey, veal, venison and wallaby.

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