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Raw Dog Food Servicing All of Melbourne

In store you can find 16 different proteins.
This includes beef, buffalo, chicken, crocodile, duck, emu, goat,kangaroo,lamb, pork, rabbit, sardines, turkey, veal, venison andwallaby.

Our Mixes:

What’s available?
With the exception of sardines and wallaby, we prepare all of these proteins minced.

What’s in our pre-prepared mixes?
All of our prepared meals only have a single protein, as many of our four legged customers suffer from food intolerances. We do not mix any different proteins together. We spend A LOT of our preparation time doing complete wash downs of our mincer, portioning machine and kitchen to ensure that there is no cross contamination between proteins. All of our mixes are prepared and packed on-site with love by our team.

What’s available for cats?
For cats we make meat and organ mixes where we have organs matching the protein we are preparing. We mince in approximately 10% organ.

What’s available for dogs?
For dogs we make meat, organ and vegetable mixes where we have organs matching the protein we are preparing. We mince in approximately 10% organ, and add approximately 10% vegetable. The vegetables are juiced and the pulp returned to the mix. Our juiced veggies vary from week to week as well as with the seasons. We mainly use green leafy vegetables such as kale, Chinese broccoli, broccoli, bok choy, celery, broccoli, zucchini and cauliflower.

Do our mixes contain bone?
We currently have chicken, crocodile, duck, kangaroo, rabbit and turkey available with minced bone, and beef, buffalo, chicken, emu, goat, kangaroo, lamb, pork, veal and venison available with no bone content.

How are our mixes packaged?
Our cat mixes are packaged in 500gr containers and our dog mixes are available in 500gr, 750gr and 1kg containers.

Chunks, diced and fillets?
Currently we have beef, chicken, emu, goat, kangaroo, lamb and pork available in boneless chunks, fillets and/or diced.

Our Bones:

We stock a wide variety of raw meaty bones. We only choose and stock bones that we feel are biologically appropriate for your pet. We are happy to stock all bones from small animals, however we do not stock weight bearing bones from larger animals.

We currently stock:

Beef brisket, chuck, and ribs.
Buffalo chuck, ribs.
Chicken drumsticks,
Crocodile spare ribs.
Duck frames, necks, and wings.
Kangaroo ribs and tails.
Lamb loin and necks.
Pork trotters.
Rabbit whole or pieces.
Sardines whole.
Turkey drumsticks, frames, necks, thigh bones and wings.
Vealwhole carcasses or pieces
Wallaby tails.

Placing orders
You are welcome to place an order, and we will prepare what we have available.

Special orders
We are happy to discuss your pets specific dietary requirements. If you have a pet that is not well, or has food intolerances, we are happy to work with you to meet their dietary needs. Special orders can be placed, and we will do our best to help organise their food for you. If you need help understanding and meeting your pets specific dietary requirements, you can book an appointment with our Animal Naturopath.

More questions?
Please feel free to give us a call if you have more questions. Because the availability of products changes all the time, the specifics of each product also changes. If you have specific questions or requirements, just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Our Treats
All the treats available at Barking Good are made by our brother/ sister company Give Paws.
Give Paws was also born out of necessity. When it was discovered that many treats in the market place contain chemicals, preservatives and fillers and were manufactured overseas or in factories and warehouses that used chemical pest controls, we decided that the only way we could trust that the treats were healthy was to make our own. Give Paws is our family business and we make premium pet treats that not only use the highest quality raw, but are also processed free from chemicals.
All our Give Paws treats are simply sliced and dried or dried the way they are with the exception of two products.
1.Our turmeric chicken breast jerky is LaIonica chicken breast (human grade processed chemical free) marinated in turmeric paste (yes we make the paste with organic turmeric, organic coconut oil and pepper), sliced and dried.
2.Our parsley chicken breast jerky is LaIonica chicken breast (human grade processed chemical free) marinated in parsley, sliced and dried.
That’s it! No salt, no preservatives, no nothing!