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Our Clinic

If your pet is suffering from a medical condition or you would like to know how to transition your pet to raw food you are welcome to book an appointment with our Animal Naturopath.  Unfortunately many diseases that are prevalent with humans are being now showing up more frequently in dogs and cats.

In our clinic we commonly treat skin and gut issues including allergies, ear and eye infections, diarrhoea, vomiting, and pancreatitis.  Many dogs are suffering from dental disease, heart, kidney and liver disease, anal gland issues and more.  Unfortunately we are also seeing more cancer cases with statistics showing that more than 50% of dogs will die from cancer.

If your dog has a medical issue and you would like to know if we can help just give us a call and book an appointment.

The Barking Good Story

Barking Good was born from necessity in 2010 when Zimba the Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy was only a few months old.  Zimba was suffering from severe allergies; his skin was inflamed and itchy and he suffered from constant ear infections.  This was more than enough to motivate his puppy parent Jo into action.

Jo changed Zimba’s diet from the dry food that the breeder had recommended to a complete raw food diet, and searched out treats that were not imported and were free from chemicals, preservatives and fillers.  By doing this she was able to drastically reduce Zimba’s painful ear infections and itchy skin.  She then found an Animal Naturopath who was able to help Zimba even more and inspired her to become an Animal Naturopath herself.

Through this journey of changing Zimba’s health and happiness, Jo witnessed firsthand the benefits of good food, good treats and products that can be trusted.  She also discovered that finding well prepared raw food and treats was extremely difficult.  The available prepared raw food contained a mixture of proteins which made it impossible to do an elimination diet or other ingredients which were not suitable for Zimba.  It was also very difficult to find treats that came from trusted sources and were free from chemical, preservatives, or fillers.  It was in this journey that Jo decided she would not only help Zimba to live a healthy life, but she would also help other puppy parents to do the same.

Perfect Services!

My daughter just purchased Roo Tendons 1kg from Barking Good for our Staffie. First time buying from them but would highly recommend them to all dog owners.

----- Claudia Calugaru

2nd time I’ve been here! My Dalmatians love the shop you have nifty things especially their ruff wear boots! and they love the all natural dog treats!! Coming here is so much fun!

----- Alina Tamara Rosenthal
My dogs are my family

Amazing food! Very helpful staff answered my many many questions. Prices are really reasonable and it’s so affordable to feed raw

----- Keirra Leigh