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Sensitive Shampoo 375ml


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Natural Animal Solutions Sensitive Shampoo is a hand made shampoo made from raw ingredients to create a simple, non abrasive shampoo for even the most delicate of skin.

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Many sensitive shampoos will strip natural oils from the coat in order to get rid of the oily residue and bad smell. This not only strips the oil from the hair but dries out the skin, worsening the condition as oil glands in the skin begin to over produce in an attempt to rebalance oils repeatedly stripped from the coat.

Our Sensitve Shampoo will clean the coat without stripping the precious oils and provide nourishment to dry skin.

No conditioner necessary.

• 100% natural with ingredients made from botanical sources

• Sodium Laureth Sulphate free & Sodium Laureth Ether Sulphate free

• Colour & Paraben free

• Contains no harmful chemicals

• Our Sensitive Shampoo is hypoallergenic, made from olive oil

• Hand made product

Additional information

Weight 420 g
Dimensions 10.0000 × 2.0000 × 2.0000 mm


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