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LaIonica Parsley Chicken Jerky


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100% skin-off LaIonica Chicken Breast, sliced, marinated with parsley, then dried. This tasty treat is incredibly easy to break, high in protein, and low in fat, making it fantastic for use as a training treat or a quick (but delicious) snack, with a bit of extra greens! Due to the fact it’s easily breakable, it is also great to fill up treat toys and balls. It is also a terrific alternative to beef liver, which can be rich in larger quantities.

Across our whole range of chicken chews and treats, we only use 100% La Ionica chicken, due to the fact that it is processed completely chemical free. La Ionica take great pride in producing chicken that is 100% free from bleach and chlorine, and is the only supplier in Australia producing chemical free chicken. Whereas conventional chicken processing is carried out using a spin chilling method with drums full of ice water and bleach, La Ionica employ the European method of Air Chilling, which negates the use of any harmful chemicals that might upset your furry friend’s gut flora. The conventional method of spin-chilling with the use of chlorine during treatment has also been found to cause carcinogens to form when the chemicals come in contact with the chicken. Without the added bleach/chlorine, which can also leach into the chicken during the conventional spin-chilling method by up to 6%, you can be sure you’ve found a healthy, natural, and chemical-free snack for your pet.

So, a delicious, healthy, crunchy, green treat great for training and filling up all your favourite treat toys? Sign your fur-babies up!

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