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Swamp Cooler Vest

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The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler provides protection from the sun and cooling through evaporation. In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade during the heat of the day and moving around in cooler temperatures. The Swamp Cooler allows dogs to perform in hot climates. To activate the Swamp Cooler, soak in water, wring out and place on your dog. The light-colored fabric reflects solar radiation, while evapourative cooling pulls heat from the dog. The integrated leash portal allows leash attachment when the Swamp Cooler is worn over our Front Range™ or Web Master™ Harnesses. additional control. The ID pocket keeps dog tags quiet and easily accessible.

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Fit guide Measurement is around the widest part of the rib cage.


Girth Size
13 – 17 in (33 – 43 cm) XXS
17 – 22 in (43 – 56 cm) XS
22 – 27 in (56 – 69 cm) S
27 – 32 in (69 – 81 cm) M
32 – 42 in (81 – 107 cm) L/XL

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 4.0000 × 3.0000 × 1.0000 mm

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