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Skin Pack


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Tired of itchy pets? It is now safe and easy to treat your pet’s naturally with Australia’s only comprehensive internal treatment pack. The Skin Pack contains:
200ml Omega 3, 6 9 oil
50g DigestaVite Plus
50g High Potency Vitamin C powder
Free diet guide
Instructional Leaflet

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Product Use/ Benefits
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Hot sots
Re-occurring ear infections
Constant scratching
Allergy reef
Insect bites
Digestive issues
100% safe for cats and dogs
Effective on even the most sensitive tummy
Avoid costly vet bills and inconclusive allergy tests
Antibiotic and Cortisone free

Commentary Products
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Herbal Shamoo Sensitive
Dermal Cream
Ear Clear
Eye Clear

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Weight 0.4000 g
Dimensions 8.0000 × 2.5000 × 5.0000 mm


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