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Swithbak Harness – Blue Moon

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The Switchbak Harness has the padded comfort of an everyday dog harness with handle, plus the bonus functionality carrying small essentials. The two low-profile zippered pockets have room to stash those day-to-day necessities like pick-up bags, a leash, or some treats.

It features two leash attachment options: a V-ring centered on the back and a reinforced webbing loop at the chest, great for redirecting dogs that pull on leash. Dial in the right fit with high adjustability and a padded belly strap – critical for stable gear carry and when giving a little boost with the low-profile handle. All in all, the Switchbak melds comfort and convenience into a performance harness ready for both town and trail.

Foam-padded construction for comfortable extended wear.
Two low-profile zippered pockets for carrying small essentials.

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Fit guide Measurement is around the widest part of the rib cage.

Girth Size
13 – 17 in (33 – 43 cm) XXS
17 – 22 in (43 – 56 cm) XS
22 – 27 in (56 – 69 cm) S
27 – 32 in (69 – 81 cm) M
32 – 42 in (81 – 107 cm) L/XL

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 4.0000 × 3.0000 × 1.0000 mm



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