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LaIonica Chicken Tenderloin – Golden


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100% skin-off LaIonica Chicken Tenderloins, marinated in Golden Paste that is made in-house before being dried. This tasty treat is a great option for furry friends who love the easy to break turmeric chicken breast jerky, but need a slightly tougher and more substantial snack. For mini dogs and puppies, turmeric tenderloins are a great option for a chicken-y chew that is low in fat, and high in protein, but still with all that turmeric goodness! For experienced and enthusiastic chewers, however, chicken tenderloins will be gone in a flash! They are just that delicious. La Ionica process their chickens chemical free, so you can be sure that your pet is getting a healthy treat without the addition of any harmful chemicals such as chlorine. 

This crunchy snack packs a punch with the addition of Golden Paste; an all natural anti-inflammatory made from organic turmeric powder, organic coconut oil, black pepper, and water. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the focus of many studies in recent Western and Holistic medicine as an amazing anti-inflammatory with no adverse side effects. It has been used in:

The promotion of healthy joints
The prevention and treatment of some forms of cancer
The reduction of pain, creating a natural alternative to steroids for joint pain and arthritis
The treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
The promotion of skin and eye health
The support of the immune system
The active ingredient that creates all of these amazing benefits in turmeric (and giving it it’s amazing bright yellow colour) is curcumin. By turning organic turmeric powder into golden paste through gentle cooking and the addition of water, coconut oil and black pepper, you unlock the amazing benefits of the curcumin, which is unaffected by the treat dehydrating process!
So what are you waiting for? Spice it up for your pet with this delicious golden snack!
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